Creating a product advertisement

Start generating ideas and concepts.

Product Advertisement - It can be a made-up or real product, but it should look like an ad.

This weekly subject was to create a product advertisement. I wanted to do this project in Eevee because it's a fast render process. And I want to understand Eevee better. To show what the capabilities are when rendering with Eevee.

Product advertising is a paid promotional communication that attempts to induce consumers to purchase a product. Communication channels utilized for product advertising include television, radio …
Alarm clock

First version

Keeping it simply, use low poly.

I focus on Eevee render. Quick and simple design.

This clock object is part of an other, bigger project called "Storybook". But I could use it also for the weekly challenge. Because of the chrome-plated metal, I used an HDMI environment image.

I had some details on the back too, in case I wanted to make a 360 animation.

Alarm clock


Keeping it simply, use low poly.

I rendered also a blue version, to be used as materials for the attached card.

This version in Cycles, because I had some artifacts in Eevee render. But later I found out it was cased by duplication errors.
Lesson learned, check your mesh ...

I spended extra time on the card, making it more reusable for other projects. The angle of the card is an object property (shape keys).


Eevee render

Just playing with some ideas I had. Adding some camera focus blur. Randomized material colors on the linked duplicates.

You can see that the hands are also objects. The casted shadows of the hands are still a Eevee configuration problem. A lot of fiddling with shadow properties.

Clock advertisement A

What makes an advertisement an advertisement?

I looked up some reference material on the web. We are surrounded by it, but what to seek for?

Mostly these examples are product photos with texts. So I added something …

I didn't want to use an external sotware package, I used only Blender for this.

Clock advertisement B

Durability was my idea

Durability is a keyword nowadays. In every machine there is a battery, or an electric cable is involved. But why? Was the old technology that bad?

I would say, we need to go back to the basics …