Kamper GUI

1999 - 2021

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Kamper GUI was founded in 1999 and focused on creating multimedia applications. Back then, based on CD-ROM development and the start of web development.
GUI stands for Graphical User Interface which focus on User Interface (UI) design in a graphical environment. An UI makes or breaks a web application.

In twenty years much has changed. CD-ROM applications, became web applications (Apps). The web browser became the most important piece of software for a computer.
And everything is connected.

In the many years working with or sitting behind a computer, I had a big interest in 3D generated images.
I used it to create content for applications and graphical illustrations. Used many 3D tools and then there was Blender 3D. Free to use but difficult to learn (pre 2.80 version).
In 2016 I started an online Blender course and now I've improved my Blender 3D skills.

This site is just a portfolio to show some of my projects.

Pieter at kampergui.nl

Used art from the "Toxic project"