The making of ...

The problem of having a week for development is time management. That's why I opted for a simple suit. A bit bulky but robust in design. I didn't have time to get the suit worn out and used. Instead, I spent time on composition.

Therefore less detail on many aspects of this model.
But instead trying to lead the viewer to the subject. A fragile flower in a toxic environment.

It guides the viewer like the green poisonous liquid, the flashlight and even the skeleton hand.

Toxic environment

Create a personal protective suit

Subject of a weekly challenge.

Focus lies on telling a story. Why this suit and a reason the wear it.
Like the toxic green, the fumes, the fog and markers on the barrels.

And in the center a flower as a precious gift.

Project mesh


The floor and wall are repeated models, just rotated by steps of 90 degrees. Based on a rectangle cube but then mesh defractured and randomized a bit.

As you can see, some objects dangle or cross in space. This is not a problem when one point of view is used. And the suit has a simple armature it wasn't really needed. Only some rotation of the flashlights.

The making of

An animation about the progress of this project. I save a lot of renders and take screenshots from project. It helps me a lot in the design process what works or what not.
And I use a very basic version control, using incremental numbering.

The video shows also that I worked a lot on the lighting of the scene. It is an ongoing process of light, shadows and material selection.


Another idea I had was a space scene.

But then you would expact a space suit with more details to design. And it didn't look that dangerous. So an idea for later.