The making of ...


This was a weekly challenge to create a scene in 6 days with the subject Halloween.

Toxic environment

Bones and armature

Raw modelling based on reference materials.

The topology is not optimal. And I now see the ring has a huge amount of vertices and could be optimized.
And I added a basic armature (hand, fingers), so modeling the shape would be adjustable.

Fantasy fish bones

Fantasy fish

I wanted to make a strange, aggressive looking fish

The fish consists of a few shapes copied multiple times. Like the fins of the fish. or the spine, using a curve and some modifiers to model the shape.



A ten minute modeling job.

The only thing I have tried was to create sparkling faceted eyes. The rest should be low-poly because this object would have small contribution to the overall scene.


Most difficult part of this scene

Due to the glass material, Cycles rendering would be slow. Even with denoising on.
The glass must be transparent and not too transparent, looking old and not to old (I hadn't time for this).
In earlier 'water in glass' experiments I encountered a lot of problems. To give the impression of waterI added just a plane with the same material. giving the impression of a water level.

Halloween 2020

The end result of a weekly challenge contest

No textures where used except for the 'R.I.P' and the HDRI background.

The spider web gave me the most troubles. The web string was just a tube where the vertices had some randomization applied to. Making it bumpy and with a strong reflective material it got the desired effect.
The web shape I created with the grease-pencil tool. The modeling was relative easy. But the material gave me a lot of challenges. It's very small (thin) and using a preview (low samples) render doesn't help much.

The web has a bleuish hue, due to a blue light. At that moment Blender post production composition would be helpfull.

Halloween 2019

Who's stealing from who ...

In 2019 I had a lot of problems with this challenge. Especially with the background environment. The place where the story takes place.
Tried to add fog and grass but it slowed down the project.

On the positive side, I have new objects to reuse a next time. As you can see with the 2020 version.