The process of creating 2D art into 3D art

Simply draw a cylinder in orthographic mode.

The goal is to draw equal ovals as part of a cylinder shape.

Sketches of a Maxanthium grenade
Grenade mesh

Grenade mesh

Keeping it simply, use low poly.

I was curious how I had drawn these orthographic ovals in the cylinder. So I started converting the 2D design into 3D. With reference to my 2D drawing.
Seen here as an overlay.

Eevee workbench view

A basic grenade shape

Low poly, no shading.

This is where the problems started. I had made a one-sided design. No bottom, no back.
I solved this by being creative in Blender.

But the normal process should be 2D drawing as lead. These 2D game art objects, unless thumbs, must be drawn from several points of views. So lessons learned.

What makes a grenade, a grenade?

This cylindrical shape can be anything.

Okay, we have a shape, called a grenade. But who has ever seen a Maxanthium grenade? I had a lot of difficulties with this futuristic shape. Normally, shape should follow function (in the old days).

You recognize items, by shape, colour, smell. But this object could be a refridgerator, or an engine. And what is the scale of this thing ...
So I decided to add some recognizable items.

Adding recognizable features

A ring pin, colour.

But then red. It starting to look like a fire hydrant. But I must admin, I'm not strong with colours.

Added some screws (bumpmap texture painted) to emphasize scale. The ring adds more scale information and the function of the object.

Colour variations

First three Eevee, last one Cycles

As a war item, the first one has a more militairy application look. But it is a Maxanthium grenade, so I opted for a more purple look. Including a small illustration, indicating an explosive.