The making of ...


This was a weekly challenge around the question "What makes a clown laugh".
A difficult subject because a clown is funny. So the scene must have some funny elements, why the clown is laughing. And that is difficul!

War on COVID-19

Dev mode

Cut back on mesh data and environment.

Keeping it simple but interresting. I had the intentions to have some street reflection is the window glass using a HDRI. But difficult in execution and increasing render times.
Point is, if you try to make things realistic. Everything must be realistic. And realism is very, very difficult.

Prank store for clowns

A video about the design steps.

The shop facade based on reference photos. A lot of time spent on the lighting conditions. The render was done in Cycles.

And to speed up the development I used a lot of objects from different projects. And it also helps if your previous projects where left in a reusable state.
Applying objects containing lights and junk doesn't help. Or missing texture maps. Also the organization of containers is handy. But not available in projects before 2.80.